About Counselling

Adults and Young People

There are times in our lives when we might be struggling with difficult situations and circumstances and need extra support. Or we may simply be looking for a new direction, or to gain a better understanding of the way we experience life and how this might affect our relationships.

Counselling is about taking time out to help to make sense of things that can feel very difficult and overwhelming, affecting everyday life.

My aim is to work alongside you in a calm, confidential, accepting and non-judgemental way, helping you to gain a better understanding of yourself and exploring with you ways you might wish to make changes to, or come to terms with, your current situation.

I strongly believe in the power we all have within ourselves to grow and make a difference to our lives.

I offer four ways of working, to best suit the needs of my clients. Offering the more traditional face-to-face talking and creative therapy in my therapy room, where the client is encouraged to work in a way that best suits them.

Online and telephone counselling are available for clients aged 14+. This may suit you as you can create a comfortable and private space in your own home from which to attend therapy. You may find it easier to talk, focus and express yourself. You may enjoy wearing comfortable clothes, bringing a cup of tea and avoiding travel to and from sessions.

Outside therapy is available outside the therapy room, weather permitting. You may benefit from being closer to nature, taking in the environment, you may find it more relaxing enabling you talk about your difficulties.


Sometimes a child may develop patterns of behaviour that may be causing disruption to their lives and to the lives of those around them. Recognisable signs may be excessive anger, fear or worry that may be affecting a child’s development and their ability to get along with their family and friends at school.

Play therapy is used to help children communicate at their level and at their own pace. Enabling them to express themselves, explore their thoughts and feelings, and make sense of their life experiences. Thus, promoting resilience, confidence and helping to develop a more positive view of their place in the world.

“When you’re free, you can play
and when you’re playing, you become free”
Heidi Kaduson